Matthew Fleeger - Gulf Coast Western CEO Announces Oil Drilling

  Gulf Coast Western, LLC has made an official announcement to partner with companies in the same field to enhance the Oil Drilling activities at many sites of their interest. The most promising prospect however seems to be the Gibbstown Bridge in Cameron Parish, Louisiana. Matthew H. Fleeger, the President and CEO of Gulf Coast Western, was also quoted saying that they have agreed to take drill the initial well with potential oil and gas reserves of 3.6 million barrels and 36 billion cubic feet respectively.

Gulf Coast Western focused on the development and overtaking of the oil and gas reserves right from the day when it was founded in 1970. Mathew Fleeger’s father founded Gulf Coast Western with the same interest and objective that is continued to be taken care of. Seeing at his rapid growth, one might develop a false belief that Matthew Fleeger spent his entire career in the Oil and Gas Industry. He has a good experience in some other industries as well and he has worked for the Oil and Gas Industry for years before taking a top managerial level with Gulf Coast Western.

One of the companies with which Matt Fleeger has reportedly signed an agreement is Ventum Mandalay, LP to drill the Louisiana well. The teams of geologists, engineers and geophysicists have collectively identified this prospect and it has really been a great discovery according to the experts. Matthew Fleeger is expecting very highly from it as he considers this to be very exciting prospect for oil and gas reserves.

The surrounding production of the Gibbstown Bridge prospect is well over 90 MMBOE till now. Matthew H. Fleeger said that they have three or four additional prospects where drilling work would be started very shortly. He is sure that his partnership with the leading E & P companies in the industry would help him to explore greater opportunities in near future. This is probably the biggest reason why he took the decision of increasing their drilling budget when the prices of all the related commodities were badly affected due to the financial crisis faced by the entire world.